Parent-Student Handbook

Thank you for giving your children the gift of a Catholic education. Our world needs the light of faith to understand that each of us is made in the image and likeness of God, and is called to be the gift of God's love for others. This is the reason for the Catholic school system, and why you make the sacrifices necessary to provide this education for our youngsters.

The Parent-Student Handbook is a clear and concise understanding of the practical ways we make our faith come alive through Catholic education. Remember: this is not merely a private school: it is a Catholic school. Here our children learn what it means to be loved by God as understood in the love of our families. They then learn that this love is to be lived in service to others. This translates into respect, self-discipline, work, and growth.

Know that you and your families remain in our prayers each day as we thank God for the wonderful people who are our parish family; a great sign of God's love.